Dear TEE community,

Our current need to be physically apart while connecting in new ways has provided an opportunity for innovation. I hope those of you who joined us over the High Holidays enjoyed some of the options we were able to provide for observing them. This Friday we’ll have our first (and, one can only hope, only) Zoom Sukkot celebration where we will construct a virtual sukkah, make substitutes for a traditional lulav and etrog, and invite spiritual guests (ushpizin/ot) to join us. To make the lulav you will need 5-6 pieces of paper, tape, and a pair of scissors and a lemon can be used to replace the etrog. Additional paper or index cards as well as pens or markers can be used for the ushpizin/ot ritual but aren’t necessary. We’ll begin the evening with song and candle blessings and close with the Kaddish and more song. I hope you’ll join us for this unique way of experiencing the holiday!

Rabbi Drorah Setel