Celebrate Passover with Us!

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Community Potluck Seder
Sat, Apr 27, 5pm in the Social Hall at Temple Sinai, 363 Penfield Rd, Rochester 14625

Join us for this year’s Temple Emanu-El Community Potluck Seder. We’ll gather on the sixth (yes sixth!) night of Passover for a Seder filled with singing, story, and community.

We ask that everyone who would like to attend bring a dairy or vegan Kosher for Passover dish to pass. For folks whose last names start with A – G, please bring a salad; H – S, please bring a main dish; and T – Z, please bring a dessert. Drinks, matzah, and the ceremonial foods of the seder plate will be provided. For complete information about the seder, including what is Kosher for Passover, click here.

There is no charge for attendance, but please, Please, PLEASE rsvp by April 24 so that we can plan for the seating and food. To rsvp, click here.

All are Welcome!


קהילת עמנו אל

K’hilat Imanu El – Our Emanu-El Congregation





תקון אולם

Tikkun Olam
Mending the World

Shalom and thanks for visiting our Temple Emanu-El website

We are a Reform Jewish Congregation in Rochester, New York. Our members are Jews by birth, Jews by choice, and those drawn to Judaism, including multiracial, LGBTQ+, and interfaith households. We see ourselves as a family, where everyone’s participation is sought and appreciated. We invite you to attend our services and events, and share in our warm, informal approach to Reform Judaism.

Coming Up at Temple Emanu-El

Shabbat Service

Fri, Apr 19, 7pm via Zoom

Chevre Torah Study Groups Online

Sat, Apr 20, 10am and 11:05am via Zoom

See Our Full Calendar of Services and Events

Rabbi Drorah Setel’s April 17 Message

The Passover Seder is a widely beloved ritual. Not surprisingly, it is the one observed by the most number of Jews. Combining elements of family, festivity, and good food, for many of us the Seder is a happy occasion to which we look forward each year. This year, however, the Seder may be different from all other Seders….

Read Rabbi Setel’s Full Message

Our New Covid Policy

The rate of Covid infection is rising again in Monroe County. We have decided to follow CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines:

When the CDC reports a low Covid risk, masking at Temple Emanu-El is optional.

When the CDC reports a medium Covid risk, masking at Temple Emanu-El is required. We urge attendees to use N95 or KN95 masks. Masks will be available for those who need one.

When the CDC reports a high Covid risk, we will meet via Zoom only.

To determine the risk level, visit the CDC website, scroll down to Covid-19 County Check, and enter “NY” and “Monroe.” The risk is updated every Thursday at 8pm.

TigerChat – Aiding Communication

TigerChat is a phone app that’s been developed by the Center on Access Technology at RIT. The app allows you to converse with another person or group using automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology that converts spoken words into typed text. You can watch the conversation as is happens! The app was designed to work on the RIT campus, and RIT has extended it so that it now also works in the JCC.

One of our members commented, “The app is very easy to use and the transcription is quite accurate. I was able to understand, for the first time in years, what was being said at services. It was wonderful.”

For more information, visit the RIT website.

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