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We hope that you will bid often (and high!) on the artwork shown on our Main Auction page. Here are a few things to know:


–The only way to get to our Main Auction page is from the link in our Nov 17, Nov 24, or Dec 1 Temple Emanu-El newsletters or from using the back arrows or “Return to Main Auction” buttons on the related auction pages.

–During the auction, the current highest bids will be shown only on the Main Auction page. When you are ready to to place a higher bid, click on the “More Auction Details and Place a Bid!” button on the Main Auction page (ie, return to this page) and fill out the form below.

–Your bid will travel to our webmaster, who will keep track of the bids and update the Main Auction page to reflect the highest bids. You can count on the updating to take place between about 8-9pm in the evenings and 6-7am in the mornings. It may well take place at other times as well, depending on the webmaster’s personal schedule.

–You will be identified as a bidder on the Main Auction page by your initials. If you’d prefer to use another identification, you can specify that in the form below.

–If two different bidders make the same high bid, the bidder with the earlier time stamp will be declared the current highest bidder.

–Bidding will begin on Wednesday evening, Nov 16 and end at 4pm on Friday, Dec 2.

–You will be notified before 9pm on Monday, Dec 5 if you are the highest bidder on an item.

–You will have until 4pm on Tuesday, Dec 13 to arrange a time with our office to pick-up your item(s) and pay your bid. Our office can be contacted at or 585-461-2000, ext 203.

–If you’d like to have your item(s) shipped, we can add a shipping fee and take care of that for you.

–If you fail to contact us by 4pm on Tuesday, Dec 13, your item(s) will be awarded to the next highest bidder.

–If you encounter any difficulties or have questions not answered here, contact our webmaster (Leslie Schwartz,

–Have fun!

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