Temple Emanu-El Silent Art Auction

Welcome! Temple Emanu-El has a number of pieces of artwork that graced our previous building in Irondequoit. Many of you might have fond memories of some of them, or might discover with delight some that you haven’t seen before. We no longer have room for them in our new home at the JCC, and would like to give our members and friends a chance to own a piece of our history while simultaneously raising a little extra money to help support our synagogue costs. Hence, this Silent Auction – please bid often and high! Bidding begins on Wednesday evening, Nov 16 and ends on Friday, Dec 2 at 4pm.

For more information on on any of the items below, click on its image.

More Auction Details & Place a Bid!

Item #1: Ari Shul in Safed

Current high bid: $15.00 (CCA)

Item #3: A New Song

Current high bid: $60.00 (TTS)

Item #9 - Playing Golf

Current bid $10.00 each (You may bid on any number of these)

Item #10 - Torah

Current bid $10.00

Item #11 - Blue Night Sky

Current high bid $30.00 (RAK)

Item #17 - Art-Carved Mirror

Current high bid $15.00 (CLD)

Item #18 - Chassidic Dancers

Current high bid: $20.00 (RAK)

Item #20 - Framed Hebrew Calendar Pages

Current high bid $16.00 for set of two (BBK)

Item #21 - Shalom Mirror

Current High Bid $15.00 (CLD)

Item #22 - Fiddler

Current bid $8.00

Item #24 - Candlesticks

Current bid $10.00

Item #25 - Ten Commandments

Current high bid $20.00 (RAK)

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