Registration – High Holiday Services and Events – Success!

We’ve received your registration request and look forward to having you join our High Holidays services and events.

Now that you’ve registered, your name is on our High Holidays list, and you need not register again; simply bring a form of identification when you come. Please visit our High Holidays page for our complete High Holidays schedule and for information on our COVID policy, where to park, and where to enter.

Please note that by attending our High Holidays services and events, you agree to the following statement:

“I grant full permission to Temple Emanu-El to record any or all of my participation in their High Holidays services and events, including photographs, television, audio recording, videotapes, and other media to publish and use them for publicity, promotion, advertising trades, commercial or other purposes without any reimbursement and agree that any recording shall be the property of Temple Emanu-El and that I shall not have any right of review, prior notification, or approval regarding its use.

“If available, as a courtesy, Temple Emanu-El will consider requests to share a digital image file with those depicted in the image. Such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and when written requests are received. Sharing of such image files does not imply consent or permission to republish the content.”

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Charlene in our office (585-461-2000, ext 203 or

L’Shanah Tovah – Wishing you a good year – We look forward to seeing you!

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