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Our logo, above, was designed by Temple Emanu-El member, Judy Ross. The following is her description.

The design goal of our Temple Emanu-El logo is to represent Temple Emanu-El as an open, inviting and spiritually uplifting experience. The logo revitalizes the image of the Temple and affirms the strengths of the Temple.

The font used for the name of the Temple is Dauphine. The “E” has an extended width that creates an open circle. The curve of the “P” remains open. This openness represents the open and inviting experience of Temple Emanu-El. Also, this rounded form for the letter “E” is reminiscent of the handwriting used in ancient manuscripts. This is a reference to history, combining the knowledge of the past with the experience of today. Although the “E” is wide, other letters such as the “T” and “L” are narrow. This added height is a gesture of reaching up, representing an uplifting experience. Varied stroke weights add contrast and flare to the letterforms. The reference to ancient manuscripts, the narrow letters, the varied strokes, the openness of the “E” and the counterspace of the “P”, combine to present letterforms that evoke a respect for history with an elegant, contemporary presence.

The symbol for Temple Emanu-El is a formal derivative of the “Tree of Life” sculptures in the sanctuary. Like these sculptures, there are seven branches. Each of the seven branches are different but work together as a unified whole. Together, they expand into an architectural structure — a kind of sheltering roof structure. The roof line expands over the words and the branches drop their “roots” below the (implied) horizontal line that represents the bottom of the letters. The roots ascend into the architectural structure of a rooftop shelter, unifying the symbol in a way that represents the unity and community of the members of the congregation. The flared ends of the branches complement the flared stroke ends of the “E” as well as evoke an uplifting spiritual experience.

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