During the past two decades, JOFEE programs have expanded exponentially throughout Jewish communities worldwide. A 2014 study sponsored by national Jewish funders and organizations demonstrated the power of JOFEE activities to engage participants in meaningful Jewish learning and practice.

Key findings from this study include:

-There has been (and continues to be) tremendous growth in JOFFEE activities.

-Immersive JOFEE programs are important vehicles for engaging young Jews and a cross-section of the Jewish community.

-JOFEE experiences have been a meaningful opportunity for disengaged or alienated Jews to have a positive reconnection to Jewish community.

-The intersection of Jewish learning with outdoor, food, and environmental issues is central to what attracts participants and what they take away from these experiences.

-JOFEE experiences serve as a catalyst for both professional and volunteer leadership in the wider Jewish community.

-Involvement in immersive JOFEE experiences increases participants’ hope for the future of the Jewish people.

With this in mind, Temple Emanu-El, partnering with the JCC, would like to do the research and reflection necessary to learn which specific offerings would be right for the Rochester Jewish community, and implement a pilot program.

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