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As new opportunities are discovered, they will be posted to the top of this list.

Hadar Institute

The Hadar Institute “empowers Jews to create and sustain vibrant, practicing, egalitarian communities of Torah, Avodah, and Hesed….Hadar’s work is centered around teaching Torah, facilitating learning, creating meaningful prayer experiences, and performing acts of service.” Their website,, has a range of online educational offerings.

My Jewish Learning

The My Jewish Learning Website starts off with a “Daily Guide to Zoom Events, Livestreams and Other Online Resources,” which includes an almost overwhelming array of free online Jewish opportunities – classes, lectures, services, live events, and more: My Jewish Learning

Tenement Museum

The Tenement Museum in New York City has a wonderful website that features stories of immigrants – Jewish, Italian, Irish, Asian, and Puerto Rican – who lived in the tenement apartments in the Lower Eastside of New York. From their homepage, click on “Virtual Experiences.” For even more information on this topic, the book, “A Tenement Story: The History of The Tenement Museum,” is available from the store on their website.

Judaism Unbound

The producers of the Judaism Unbound podcast have created a FaceBook page to stream a variety of Jewish ritual and educational events:  Judaism Unbound

The World Union for Progressive Judaism

The World for Progressive Judaism has set up a special webpage with webinars, prayer services, and other resources to put you in touch with progressive Jews throughout the world: Progressive

Reform Shabbat Services Online

Offered by the Union for Reform Judaism: Shabbat Services Online

Virtual Shabbat Box

Offered by the Reconstructing Judaism website: Virtual Shabbat Box

Bake your own challah!

Offered by the Union for Reform JudaismChallah

Online meditation and study

Offered by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality: Meditation

Jewish Inspiration

Want a prayer for washing your hands during a pandemic? A special mi shebeirach for those suffering from coronavirus? A ritual for counting the days of quarantine? And countless other sources of Jewish inspiration? Check out the Ritualwell website: Inspiration

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