We are grateful for the following donations received March 2 – 26, 2021:

In memory of Libby Aks

Elaine Greene

In memory of Morris and Sarah Brickman

Stuart Brickman

In memory of Al Calarco

Carl Wetzstein

In memory of Anne Dettenmayer

Morrey & Joyce Goldman

In memory of Lester Elsberg

Ruth Siegel

In memory of Lorna Feldman

Larry Slotnick

In memory of Lillian Gorfine

Estelle Gorfine

In memory of Hyman Hurwitz

Don Hurwitz

In memory of Florence Rosenfeld

Sylvia Rose & Paul Rosenfeld

In memory of Eric R. Samuel

Lydia Samuel

In memory of Philip Schwartz

Leslie Schwartz & Ching Tang

In memory of Bernard W. Siegel

Ruth Siegel

In memory of Larry Silvers

Estelle Gorfine

In memory of Mary Skopinsky

Bernard Skopinsky

In memory of Ruth Wagner

Bernice & Jule Rayburn

Carl Wetzstein

Mazel Tov! Happy 99th Birthday to Rose Levin!

Julie Alweis

Jane Betrus

Audrey Biernbaum

Anita Calderon

Cathy Leora Dayan

Larry Federman and Rachelle Yablin

Eitan Freedenberg and Molly Tarbell

Joyce and Morrey Goldman

Elaine Greene

Judy Greenstein

Judy and Ken Livingston

Renate Livingston

Nan Meyer

Thelma and Marty Nemeroff

Rona Newman

Bernice and Jule Rayburn

Sally and David Robbins

Sylvia Rose and Paul Rosenfeld

Leslie Schwartz and Ching Tang

Deanna and Harry Shifton

Ruth Siegel

Barbara Silverstein

Larry Slotnick

Charlene and Charles Sommers

Ina Suher

Veronica Sweeny

Gail and David Vail

Susan and Jacob Vinocour

Michelle and Michael Weinstein

Carl Wetzstein


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