We are grateful for the following donations received Mar 25, 2022 – Apr 26, 2022:

In Memory of Debra Duminuco

Audrey Biernbaum

Edith Bonferraro

Fern Marlan Daniel and Dan Daniel

Don Hurwitz

Rose Levin

Renate Livingston

Marty and Thelma Nemeroff

Ron and Karen Newman

Ruth Siegel

Larry Slotnick

Charles and Charlene Sommers

Michelle and Michael Weinstein

Carl Wetzstein

In Memory of Ruth S. Harris, Charles D. Harris, Neil J. Harris, Lillian Harris, Isaac Harris, Bernhart Spiwak, Lena Spiwak, and Theodore Fine

Jerry and Pam Harris

In Memory of Howard Golove

Donald Hurwitz

In Memory of Rebecca Rosenberg Kerr

Heather Semenyuk

In Memory of Belle Litowitz

Rona Newman

In Memory of Florence Rosenfeld

Sylvia Rose and Paul Rosenfeld

In Memory of Harry Phillip Rubenstein

Ruth Siegel

In Memory of Philip Schwartz

Leslie Schwartz and Ching Tang

In Memory of Mary, Mark, and Chuck Skopinsky

Bernard Skopinsky

In Memory of Milton Weinstein

Michelle and Michael Weinstein

Mazal Tov to Eitan Freedenberg and Molly Tarbell on the birth of Eve Hadasa Tarbell

Michael and Elizabeth Heilemann

Happy 100th Birthday to Rose Levin

Julie Alweis

Cindy Kammerdiener

In Honor of April Birthdays

Rose Levin

 For Temple Emanu-El

SuSan Campbell

ChaRon and Alain Leblanc

Michelle and Michael Weinstein

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