We are grateful for the following donations received July 24 – August 30, 2022:

In Memory of Sam Caswell

Lydia Samuel

In Memory of Vera Chartoff

Audrey Biernbaum

In Memory of Debra Duminuco

Deb Howe Allen

In Memory of Sylvia Gerowitz

Stuart Brickman

Rose Levin

Gladys Napier

Michelle and Michael Weinstein

Jerry Rabinowitz

Larry H. Rabinowitz

In Memory of Henry Rosen

Fred and Gale Rosen

In Memory of Thekla Samuel

Lydia Samuel

In Memory of Dr. Sol Silverman

Fred and Gale Rosen

In Memory of Jacob Tanzman

Morton Schwartz

In Memory of Abram Rothstein

Joyce and Morrey Goldman

Speedy Recovery to Judy Greenstein

Bernice and Jule Rayburn

Carl Wetzstein

Speedy Recovery to Martin Schron

Carl Wetzstein

Speedy Recovery to Bernard Skopinsky

Renate Livingston

Carl Wetzstein

For Temple Emanu-El

SuSan Campbell

ChaRon and Alain Leblanc

Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation

Michelle and Michael Weinstein


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