We are grateful for the following donations received Dec 30, 2023 – Jan 31, 2024:

In Memory of Adele Slotnick

Larry Slotnick

In Memory of Jean Deitch

Bob Deitch

In Memory of Mary Skopinsky, Mark Skopinsky, and Chuck Skopinsky

Bernard Skopinsky

In Memory of Eric R. Samuel

Lydia M. Samuel

In Memory of Della Cerasoli

Deborah Saffer

In Memory of Adele Shaw

Ruth Siegel

In Memory and Honor of Esther Bluestein

Thelma Nemeroff

In Memory of Ruth S. Harris, Charles D. Harris, Neil J. Harris, Lillian Harris, Issac Harris, Bernhart Spiwak, Lena Spiwak, and Theodore Fine

Jerry and Pam Harris

Thank you to Leslie Schwartz for Hebrew Lessons

Alex Butler

In Honor of Renate Livingston’s 90th birthday

Carol Levin

Leslie Schwartz and Ching Tang

For Temple Emanu-El

Rabbi Sandra Katz

Janet Stern

Michael and Michelle Weinstein

Allan and Sharon Kaplan

Jon Rubin

Heather Semenyuk

Ruth Siegel


Thank you to the Rochester Museum and Science Center for April 8th solar eclipse grant funding

Thank you to Sylvia Rose for the weekly Shabbat Challahs

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