We are grateful for the following donations received Mar 28 – April 28, 2023:

In Memory of Milton Weinstein

Michael and Michelle Weinstein

In Memory of Mary Skopinsky, Mark Skopinsky, and Charles Skopinsky

Bernard Skopinsky

In Memory of Charles F. Rubenstein

Ruth Siegel

In Memory of Ronald Greenblott

Barbara Brody

In Memory of Sheila Gold

Joyce L. Coniglio

In Memory of Belle Litowitz

Rona Newman

In Memory of Philip Schwartz

Leslie Schwartz and Ching Tang

In Memory of Benjamin Senior

Carol Senior

In Memory of Harry Phillip Rubenstein

Ruth Siegel

In Honor of Passover

Holly Weinberg

In Celebration of Veronica’s Bat Mitzvah

David Schwartz and Sandra Katz

Bernice and Jule Rayburn

In Gratitude to Bernice Rayburn and Judy Greenstein for Their Training

Rachel Kaplan

In Gratitude for the Warm Welcome of Temple Emanu-El

Rachel Kaplan

For Temple Emanu-El

Michael and Michelle Weinstein

And, Thank you to Sylvia Rose for her Shabbat Challahs

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