We are grateful for the following donations received June 25 – July 23, 2021:

In Memory of Louis Bohn

Audrey Biernbaum

In Memory of Mort Marlan

Laurie Marlan Rose

In Memory of Gladys Napier

Michelle & Michael Weinstein

In Memory of Phyllis Nordin

Susan & Jacob Vinocour

In Memory of Jerry Rabinowitz

Larry & Karen Rabinowitz

In Memory of Dr. Henry Rosen

Fred & Gale Rosen

In Memory of Leah Rothstein

Joyce & Morrey Goldman

In Memory of Lily Rubenstein

Ruth Siegel

In Memory of Stephen Marcus Salzberg

Alice C. Salzberg

In Memory of Beverly Schaffer

Cathy Leora Dayan

Speedy Recovery to Charlene Sommers 

Ina Suher

Happy Birthday to  Ruth Siegel

Michelle & Michael Weinstein

For Temple Emanu-El

ChaRon & Alain Leblanc

Michelle & Michael Weinstein

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