We are grateful for the following donations received Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 27, 2023:

In Memory of Arthur & Shirley Robinson

Deborah and Heather Saffer

In Memory of Jean Dietch

Robert Dietch

In Memory of Charles Feldman, Harry Slotnick, and Anne Slotnick

Larry Slotnick

In Memory of Sonya Larman

Michael and Michelle Weinstein

In Memory of Annette Schwartz and Yuk Sze Tang

Leslie Schwartz and Ching Tang

In Memory of Gerry Campbell

SuSan Campbell

In Memory of Alvin Wagner and Janet Wagner

Nettie Goeler

In Memory of Eric R. Samuel

Lydia Samuel

In Memory of Ronald Becker

Deana Harry Shifton

In Memory of Gerry Cates Campbell

SuSan Campbell    

In Honor of the High Holidays

Ken Saffer

Happy Birthday to Elaine Green

Bernie Skopinsky

For Temple Emanu-El

Anita Calderon

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