We are grateful for the following donations received (July 28 – August 31, 2023):

In Memory of Muriel Bohn

Bernice and Jule Rayburn

Larry Federman

Cathy Leora Dayan

In Memory of Leonard Ray Nemeroff

Renate Livingston

Larry Federman

Jule and Bernice Rayburn

In Memory of Abram Rothstein, Leah Rothstein, Edward Rothstein, Ann Dettenmayer, and Louis Goldman

Joyce and Morrey Goldman

In Memory of Thekla Samuel and Sam W. Coswell

Lydia M. Samuel

For Temple Emanu-El

Michael and Michelle Weinstein

Fred and Gale Rosen

And, many thanks to Sylvia Rose for her Shabbat challah breads each Friday evening

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