Sunday Brunch and Speaker, December 16, 11 AM

Speaker: Speaker Richard Margolis
“Lies” My Teacher Told Me – How American History can be used as a Weapon

How history textbooks often present an incomplete story of America, usually by soft-pedaling and burying the thorny dramas and uncertainties of the past in order to teach specific values.

  • Did Columbus really discover America?
  • Washington and the Cherry Tree? Honest Abe Lincoln?
  • What happened at the “First Thanksgiving?
  • Were African-Americans better off under slavery?
  • Who really invented baseball?
  • Why are Confederate Monuments so important today?
  • How are myths perpetuated?

This is an interactive session, controversial issues will be raised, guaranteed to get you thinking!

RSVP (Please) to Cathy Leora Dayan by Wednesday, 10th (585-645-5254, to afford our chefs adequate time to plan the meal.

To facilitate parking for our brunch speakers, please leave enough space to accommodate a large vehicle in any area that has a cone.



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