Sunday Brunch and Speaker, March 17, 11 AM

Andrea Anderson Gluckman
  What’s the Deal with Islamophobia?:  Unpacking Fear and Loathing of Muslims and Islam

Executive Chef: Daniella Mendenhall


Synopsis:   Islamophobia is more than simply a fear of a religious tradition or a loathing of its people.  Islamophobic attacks and rhetoric can now be found in all major sectors of American society–in schools, neighborhoods, workplaces, online, in the news, and perhaps most notably, in the political domain.

But what exactly is Islamophobia?  In what ways is it embodied in our culture?  What are the roots of Islamophobia that can help us decode the misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and misguided fear of Islam, as well as the bias and discrimination against Muslims.  Ideas such as jihad, sharia, and apostasy will be discussed in order to analyze Islamophobic assertions in order to respond as a morally informed society.

Our Speaker  Andrea Anderson Gluckman is an expert on policy, culture, education, and religions of the Middle East.  She has worked as a diplomatic advisor, professor, researcher, and writer at Harvard University, the University of the Middle East, and the University of Rochester. Originally from Arkansas, Gluckman has lived in various European countries, the Mediterranean, Southern Africa, and the Middle East.  An award-winning photographer and writer, she is thrilled to now be living in Rochester with her family.

RSVP (Please) to Cathy Leora Dayan by Wednesday, March 13th. click RSVP-online or phone or email  (585-645-5254, cathyldayan@rochester.rr.com).  

To facilitate parking for our brunch speakers, please leave enough space to accommodate in any area that has a cone.

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