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At Temple Emanu-El, we really enjoy working, learning, worshipping, and just being together! Here are some ways you can be directly involved in our up-coming High Holidays: • We will be preparing and supplying the food ourselves for both our Special Erev Rosh HaShanah Oneg and for our Yom Kippur Break-the-Fast Community Meal. If you would like to bake, cook, prepare, buy, or contribute monetarily to either of these two events, please contact Randy Perlson (rperlson@yahoo.com, 388-5211), who will be our master High Holidays coordinator for anything involving food. To rsvp for either of the group baking and cooking sessions on September 10 and 11, please rsvp to our Temple office at 266-1978.

We hope to have many congregants participating in our High Holidays services. We need people to take aliyot (come up to the bima to recite the blessings before and after the Torah is read), read Torah, raise and dress the Torot (plural of “Torah”), chant the Haftarah blessings, read Haftarah (English), read English selections, light candles, blow shofar, and read the names on our Yizkor list. As of the writing of this bulletin, the Torah portions and aliyot have all been assigned, but there are still lots of other opportunities! Leslie Schwartz is our coordinator for involvement in the High Holidays services. Please contact her (schwartzljs@gmail.com, 944-2361) to volunteer for any of these roles.

Please write down your thoughts about “What Is a good life?” and send them to Rabbi Setel at rabbi@emanuelrochester.org or 2956 St. Paul Blvd., Rochester 14617. The responses will be read throughout our High Holidays observances.

The High Holiday season is a wonderful time to extend yourself into new areas of learning and skill. If you’ve never had an aliyah before, never recited the Haftarah blessings, never lit the candles, never read Torah…, please don’t hesitate to contact Leslie (contact information above) – she’ll teach and guide you through everything you’ll need to learn – her patience is legendary! If you’ve never blown shofar before and want to learn, contact Denise Lippa (lippad@rochester.rr.com, 461-0795) – the more blowers we have, the more transported we will be as we commune with our tradition. And, if you’d like to learn how to chant Torah (how to read trope), contact Rabbi Drorah Setel (rabbi@emanuelrochester. org, 716-876-5874) – if there are enough of us, we’ll even combine into a class.

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