Antisemitism Study Group Reading List – Rabbi Drorah Setel

During each session we will be referring to sections of “Understanding Antisemitism,” a resource developed by Jews for Racial and Economic Justice:  I also encourage you to look through the ADL materials on Global Antisemitism:

Additional readings are listed under each session.

Session 1: What is Antisemitism?

Isaac Chotiner, “How Anti-Semitism Rises on the Left and Right,”

Paul Kivel, “What is Christian Hegemony?”

Shulamit S. Magnus, A plea against anti-SemitismThe pseudo-scientific term, coined by a German racist, obscures the rising tide of hatred. We need to use the J word,”

Jonathan Sarna, “Anti-Semitism is a Symptom,”

Session 2: Antisemitism and the Right

Dove Kent, “Don’t Fall for ‘Both-Siderism’ Trap on Anti-Semitism,”

Dove Kent, “The Soros Myth,”

Dusty Sklar, “The Alt-Right’s Antisemitism,”

Eric K. Ward, “Skin in the Game: How Antisemitism Animates White Nationalism”

Session 3: Antisemitism and the Left

Blake Flayton, “On the Frontlines of Progressive Anti-Semitism,”

Jill Jacobs, How to tell when criticism of Israel is actually anti-semitism,”

Steven Lubet and Jeffrey (Shaye) Mallow, “That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Anti-Semitic: Perspective on the American Left,”

Rebecca Pierce, “Black Antisemitism is not Inherently ‘Left-Wing,’”

Session 4: Responding to Antisemitism

Jeff Jacoby, Jew-haters, right and left: If you condemn anti-Semitism only when it comes from the team you oppose, you havent condemned a thing,”

Rabbi Michael Adam Latz and Carin Mrotz, Hanukkah anti-Semitism requires a response. But we cannot fight hatred with more hatred,”

Rachel Shabi, “The left must restore the ties between antisemitism and other racism,”

Mitchell D. Silber, “How to Protect New York’s Jews,”

Bari Weiss, “To Fight Anti-Semitism, Be a Proud Jew,”

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