Shabbat Services

Friday, January 5, 7:30 PM  – Our Chorale will present a mini-concert

Friday, January 12, 7:30 PM  – Justice Shabbat

Our service that evening will include special readings and will be followed by a presentation introducing the next step in the Reform movement’s Racial Justice Initiative. We began our participation in the program last year when Temple Emanu-El members participated in a series of workshops to expand our understanding of Jews and Race in America. This year, we will continue by engaging in a program called Sacred Conversations on Race with members of the Antioch Baptist Church, a Black church on Joseph Avenue. Ms. Wilma Campbell, the coordinator of the Sacred Conversations program, will be our guest at the Oneg following services.

Friday, January 19, 7:30 PM  – Presentation by our Library Team at the Oneg

Friday, January 26, 6:00 PM – Tu BiShevat Seder and Potluck Supper

Tu BiShevat occurs at the beginning of spring in the Land of Israel, when the almond trees start to blossom. Jewish mystical tradition compared these early signs of the renewal of life in nature to a spiritual renewal within ourselves. Contemporary Jews relate it as well to our hopes for the growth and sustainability of the earth. Our Emanu-El Tu BiShevat Seder, incorporated into our Shabbat potluck supper, will combine both old and new in helping us to reflect on these themes in an observance appropriate for all ages.