Erev Slichot   Saturday, Sept.  16, 8 PM    Havdalah, nosh, discussion
Healing Service  Sunday, Sept. 17, 3 PM


Rosh Hashannah

Erev Rosh Hashanah   Wednesday, Sept, 20, 8PM      
Morning Service  Thursday, Sept. 21, 10 AM   Childcare available
with Advance Request 
Tashlich, Seneca Park  Thursday, Sept. 21, approx Noon      
Second Day Service  Friday, Sept. 21, 10 AM      


Yom Kippur

Evening / Kol Nidre  Friday, Sept. 29, 8 PM  
Morning Service  Saturday, Sept. 30,10 AM    Childcare available
 with Advance Request 
Stories and Study  Saturday, Sept. 30, 2 PM  
Afternoon Service  Saturday, Sept. 30, 4 PM  
Yizkor Service  Saturday, Sept. 30, 5 PM  
Closing Service  Saturday, Sept. 30, 5:30 PM  
Community Meal
 Saturday, Sept. 30, approx 6 PM     Following Concluding

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