At Temple Emanu-El, we understand that Judaism is about living life fully and joyfully.

HANDS-ON. In our innovative pre-school through high school educational program, our students and  their families engage in Jewish traditions rather than just study about them.

MULTI-FACETED.  Each month, our children and their families participate in family-oriented Shabbat services and intergeneration activities such as Jewish cooking, arts, dance, music and text study. Each summer, the children attend at least one session at a Union for Reform Judaism summer camp or participate in a trip to Israel, subsidized through Temple Emanu-El. Each year begins with a retreat for the children and their families.  Annual capstone experiences for our teens include Jewish study trips to Toronto, NYC, and Washington, D.C.

INDIVIDIUALIZED. As they prepare for bar/bat mitzvah, our students work one-on-one with a Hebrew tutor and study individually with Rabbi Drorah Setel.

NATURAL. With our Hebrew tutoring, bar/bat mitzvah preparation, early learning of Shabbat and holiday prayers, experiential activities, retreats, and trips, our program will immerse your child in Jewish life in a way that is natural, personal, and exciting.

COME MEET US. Please contact Rabbi Drorah Setel for an individual appointment at 585-266-1978 or