At Temple Emanu-El, we understand that Judaism is about living life fully and joyfully.

HANDS-ON. In our innovative pre-school through high school educational program, our students and  their families engage in Jewish traditions rather than just study about them.

MULTI-FACETED.  Each month, our children and their families participate in family-oriented Shabbat services and intergeneration activities such as Jewish cooking, arts, dance, music and text study. Each summer, the children attend at least one session at a Union for Reform Judaism summer camp or participate in a trip to Israel, subsidized through Temple Emanu-El. Each year begins with a retreat for the children and their families.  Annual capstone experiences for our teens include Jewish study trips to Toronto, NYC, and Washington, D.C.

INDIVIDIUALIZED. As they prepare for bar/bat mitzvah, our students work one-on-one with a Hebrew tutor and study individually with Rabbi Drorah Setel.

NATURAL. With our Hebrew tutoring, bar/bat mitzvah preparation, early learning of Shabbat and holiday prayers, experiential activities, retreats, and trips, our program will immerse your child in Jewish life in a way that is natural, personal, and exciting.

COME MEET US. Please join us at any of our monthly Family Shabbat services on Sturday mornings at 10 am. We will be happy to sit down with you after the service to talk. Or contact Rabbi Drorah Setel for an individual appointment at 585-266-1978 or