Sociables Movie

Lies My Father Told Me

This heart-warming film set in the Jewish immigrant community of 1920’s Montreal is primarily seen through the eyes of David, the grandson. David lives with his Canadian-born parents, his grandfather Zaida, a junk peddler, who emigrated from Russia, and Zaida’s aging horse Ferdeleh. David’s father is a modern materialist who dreams of striking it rich with unique inventions. Zaida, on the other hand, is a humble man who works hard for his living and patiently awaits the arrival of the Messiah.

Intuitively, David responds to his grandfather’s love. Every Sunday, they travel the back alleys of Montreal with Ferdeleh pulling the carriage. Zaida answers all the boy’s questions about the world in terms of the Creator and the miracles He performs. But this winter there are no miracles to spare David the pains of growing up.

(NR, brief nudity)